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The sinuses are hollow cavities within the bones of the skull and face. They are between the eyes, behind the cheekbones and in the  forehead. When the sinus cavities become inflamed, irritated or blocked,the result can be pain, sneezing,
coughing, trouble breathing or  sleeping and other issues that impact quality of life. ENT and Allergy Specialists offers a wide range of treatments for symptom
management including Sublingual Immunotherapy and advanced endoscopic
surgical procedures including Image Guided Sinus Surgery and Balloon

Sinusitis signs and symptoms include

  • sinus headache,
  • facial tenderness,
  • pressure or pain in the sinuses, in the ears and teeth,
  • fever,
  • cloudy discolored nasal or postnasal drainage,
  • feeling of nasal stuffiness,
  • sore throat,
  • cough, and
  • occasionally facial swelling
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