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Dr. Bhama ENT Care has a prominent reputation as a revolutionary center for Ear Nose and Throat diseases. Our clinic is run under the direction of Dr. Lokesh Bhama who is highly qualified and has years of experience in the domain. We are considered as one of the best Ent Doctors In Thane Westas we treat your ENT diseases swiftly. We make sure that all your ENT diseases are treated in the best possible way so that you do not have to suffer anymore. Our team of Ent Specialist In Thane West concentrates in treating complex and unrelieved conditions for instance dizziness, hearing loss, ear infections, ringing in the ears, sinus, allergy ,voice and snoring problems; offering optimism to many patients with difficult or unresolved problems.

What makes us one of the best Ent Doctors In Thane East?

  • Dedication
  • High-qualification
  • Highest recovery rate
  • Years of experience in the domain
  • 100% result accuracy

We understand our role in human’s health that is the reason we never lag behind from it. Our clinic has highly reputed Ent Specialist In Thane East who treats the patientsin every best possible way. Ears, Nose and throats are one of themost sensitive parts of human so it needs to be taken care properly.We are known as the best Ent Surgeon In Thane Westbecause of our unmatched skills and experience. We make sure that patients are treated in the best possible way with the treatment offered by us. We have the experienced professionals in our team who work hard to deliver the best possible results. We are known as the most trusted Ent Surgeon In Thane East because we offer high recovery rate to our patients. Your health is not business for us, that is the reason we do not demand high fees from the patients.

Ear disorders

Ear disease can specially be worried because of the severity of the symptom involved. Whether it is pain, discomfort, discharge, itching or hearing impairment, early recognition of the symptoms of ear diseases is important for proper treatment and for preventing any complications. Our clinic offers a latest methods in evaluation & treatment methods in Ear diseases.

Nose & Sinus Disorders

Allergy of Nose and Sinuses, if left untreated, can lead to variety of problems. Whether you’re allergic to dust or dust mites, pollen, or animal dander, get treated to find relief for all your nasal allergy Symptoms. A runny nose, dry cough, excessive sneezing, itching in nose are few of the symptoms.

Throat  and Voice Disorders

Throat pain and mouth sores, along with other cold and flu symptoms, are common problems. A change is voice can occur because of variety of conditions, which range from a common cold to cancer of the larynx. Visit our clinic to get your condition diagnosed and treated using latest state of the art equipments.

Complete ENT Care
For Adults and Children

Immunotherapy for Allergy
of Nose and Sinuse

Ear Lobe Repair
(Stitchless repair)

Hearing Test & Hearing Aids

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